When I was a child, I was drawn to art and would spend hours coloring and drawing.  My mother was a traditionalist, and schooled in the fine art of proper homemaking.  She spent years teaching me how to crochet, sew and cross-stitch, and passing her skills onto me. While I am proficient in many aspects of homemaking, I acquired a passion for crochet.  Over the years I fell in love with traditional baby blankets and doilies, and excelled in creating these timeless pieces.  Many years later I discovered the playful art of amigurumi and I have dedicated Starfall to creating pieces in this fashion.

Now it is stocked full of whimsical crochet toys, finger puppets and accessories to tickle the fancy of adults and children alike.  I strive to provide toys that are captivating, functional, and durable.  Each and every one of my crochet toys is handmade by me, and all of my finger puppets are original designs. In fact, you might be interested to know that I was commissioned to create an original finger puppet by Burger King with the launch of their Chicken Fries! I was also recently asked to partner with Teak and Twine to supply finger puppets for baby gift boxes.

My goal is to create toys for children that are innovative, safe, and inviting and will be cherished long after they have grown.  I want my toys to spark imagination, to rekindle that love of playing for the sake of playing, and to capture the essence of childhood away from electronics and manufactured play. Whether you are looking for toys that are meant for active rough and tumble daily play, a display piece for your home, office or nursery, or even a sleeping buddy, my hope is that my crochet toys will become an esteemed piece of your family.

When I am not busy at work creating toys to capture the hearts and imaginations of both adults and children, I am spending time with my family.  I have three beautiful children, a loving husband, and four crazy little dachshunds that keep me busy and smiling.  As a family, we enjoy watching movies snuggled under blankets, camping under the stars, swimming, hiking and enjoying God’s creation.  I am extremely grateful for my relationship with God, and thankful for the grace that my family enjoys because of His will. There is something reaffirming about spending time in nature, and I truly enjoy my garden, seeing the miracle of growth in my very own backyard. I am passionate about creating toys, and I love giving people joy.  I believe that toys are a way to share simple joy, and to that end I envision my creations being passed down from generation to generation, creating happiness with each new set of hands. As a family, we have always enjoyed giving back to our community and are active in several charitable functions. For many years, we encouraged the virtue of charity within our children.  Each Christmas, our children, would donate half of what we would have spent on material presents to Warm Blankets Orphan Care International.  As a family, we raise money for the Pregnancy Resource Center, a nonprofit organization that provides life affirming alternative to abortion. Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my family.  It is my hope that while spending time with me, and at Starfall, you find something that sparks your imagination, and will be joy to your family.

I would like to invite you to look through my shop, and please feel free to message me at any time with questions, concerns or feedback.  I’d also like to invite you to follow me on social media for the chance to see new designs, enter in promotions, and score coupons.


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